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October 03, 2008


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My main issue with RtI for social behavior is that folks forget that Tier 1 includes 1) school-wide behavior support AND 2) good classroom behavior management. These two are essential for good Tier 1 support. I often see schools that have a great, proactive school-wide discipline plan then have teachers with poor classroom management overload the Tier 2 system. Let's not forget that good classroom behavior management is part of Tier 1/Universal


I concur with Leanne’s comments. In addition, teachers using the Check Connect and Expect program reported that linking their classroom expectations to the school-wide expectations helped them to consistently manage classroom behavior. By using the classroom matrix (found on the link Doug mentioned) teachers can quickly define the school-wide expectations in every context of their classroom. Making these expectations explicit in the classroom and teaching as well as reviewing them with students routinely is essential to building strong Tier One support in school-wide PBS.

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