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January 13, 2009


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Charles Johns


Great post! It's hard for many of us in secondary ed. to reconcile the long time frame that full implementation takes. The Sugai piece importantly points out that it takes more time than most literature (based on elementary implementation) suggests.

I look forward to your future posts.

Charles Johns


I am seeing children at the secondary level who have received support and intervention at the elementary level, but are now struggling because there are no effective supports in place for them when they get to jr. high and high school. The philosophy of RTI is that it will reduce the number of students experiencing difficulty at the secondary level by intervening early, but the fact remains that some of these students will need continued support throughout their school careers. As the graduation requirements are becoming more demanding, schools are placing increasingly higher priority upon them, and neglecting the very essence of academic success in the process. This is such an important topic. I'm so glad to see you addressing it, and I hope that others will offer suggestions and ideas to help us overcome the many challenges of implementing RTI at the secondary level.

Michelle Baulig

Our middle school is in the process of building a master schedule to include time for intervention. It's a tough process. We are eager to view actual schedules and plans from other districts who have gone through this process. Can you recommend some next steps?

Michelle Baulig

Our middle school is in the midst of preparing a schedule to include time for intervention. We are eager to view the schedules/plans of other middle schools who are implementing RTI. Can you help?

Daryl Mellard

You are not alone in your struggles with how RTI fits in secondary settings. Our general observation is that secondary level implementation is more complicated.
You asked for examples. We are in the process of evaluating implementation in about 30 middle schools. I am hesitant to recommend any one site without looking at their outcome data and the context in which the RTI framework was implemented.
You probably don't want to wait though for us to finish our evaluation. Here are contacts for two schools that seem to be moving in a good direction and they have had to wrestle with the scheduling issue.
Lori Smith is the building administrator of Cheyenne Mountain junior high in CO. Her email is [email protected]

I need to check back with a contact person at another school to be sure that I can post the contact info. If approved, I'll post the info here.

Michelle Baulig

Thanks so much, Daryl! I'll email Lori Smith and the other person you refer.

Danielle P.

It will be interesting to see how the secondary setting fits into RTI. Hopefully an easier way will be found to help out with the secondary settings. It is sad to see that students are doing well in the elementary level, and then beginning to struggle at the secondary level.

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