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January 20, 2009


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Howard McMackin

Great Site!
I cannot agree more that clear student performance data is required to cause student achievement. I have seen many Professional Learning Teams use Data-Driven Curriculum systems (http://www.empoweredhighschools.com/blog/?p=42), which is similar to CBM. When teams analyze student performance on standards, they almost universally see no relation to the grades they gave. They are shocked how poorly their students did. However, they are usually pleased that they now have a better understanding of what is happening to their students and as professionals can begin to truly help them achieve.
Until teams can produce programs insure that approximately 80% of their students are achieving the required standards or expectations, it is difficult for a high school to know which students are Tier Two and which are struggling in poor programs. Bad programs will flood and overwhelm the school’s Tier Two interventions.

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