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March 09, 2009


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Sprachkurse Frankreich

yes, this is right that first language is similar & it has technique to learn new second language . . so just to think how you hav been started the first language then you would sure find right option to learn a new language . .

Chinese Translator

I grew up knowing my native language and English both at the same time. I don’t remember which language I spoke first. Having a second language is an advantage. It can open different doors of opportunities for one's career and even just to lift up one's self esteem.

Mark Pennington

Of course, when you equate learning to read in English with learning in one's primary language, you mean those that share graphophonic systems. It's the logographic systems that present challenges in transition. Reading isn't the only challenge, however.

Oral language proficiency particularly impacts expository writing ability. See a related article at
How Oral Language Proficiency Impacts Writing

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