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June 10, 2009


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Need Some Advice

I am a special education teacher in Georgia. The place where I work has severly disappointed me. The lack of discipline in this school is one of the causes the enrollment has gone down. The special education department, well what can I say. One big joke where I am the only teacher who produced results with my K-2 class on the state test yet I am being treated the worst. The other teachers had severe behavioral problems and retentions. Now I am given the same this year and my success has been speaded to the other teachers. The parents are very angry that I am not teaching their children. The principal has made some bad decisions in this area. He has also treated me terrible and I have no faith or confidence in him anymore. He treats me like I don't know anything and is very disrepectful to me in front of the students. I tried to transfer and that was blocked. The class I am given is on a 1st and 2nd grade level but I am expected to teach them on grade level which 5th grade all because of a state test. They know these kids are not going to past the state test. Futhermore, even with their grades I can't give them anything lower than a C. They have not pass a state test since 1st grade. I am expected to perform with these students and how can I with the lack of support all around. I love teaching but I am slowly wondering why I spent close to $50,000 to get a masters in special education. I am dreading going to work everyday. I need some solid advice on what to do because the daily harassment from parents where the administration does nothing, the co-workers who think the situation I was given is funny, and total lack of seriousness in education is getting to me.

Anna Baker (CEC Staff)

Hi there -- Thank you for reading CEC's RTI blog. You may want to consider posting this comment to CEC's blog for new teachers at http://cecblog.typepad.com. That way, fellow special educators can more easily give you advice. We wish you the best.

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The NEA is a great organization, but recently has done some questionable academic activities.


As a preschool special education teacher, I attend many evaulation plan meetings. I enjoy these meetings particularly because the children are typically coming in right at their third birthday. We see many different children and it is interesting to see where they all come from. For instance seeing a child who was classified at the age of three versus a child who was not classified until the age of five. Also, some students recieve early intervention services prior to age three while others don't. Each of these unique situations creates different needs for the children and I enjoy working with thiese different situations.

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